Urban Land Acquisitions is locally owned, and we are actively purchasing properties throughout metro Denver!
Take a look at what our past clients have to say about us...

Cynthia L W.

We spent over a year clearing out all the stuff from my moms house after she passed away. We realized that the rehab would take even more time and money so we decided to try selling the property as-is. I had saved several inquiries regarding purchasing the property. I called Brandis and we chatted; I described the termite and water damag, the ceiling damage as well as all the challnges of the potential renovation of the home. Brandis came out, viewed the property and we negotiated a great price for both of us. At all times he was understanding and respectful of me and the property.

Connie K.

I have been listing and selling REO for eight years and have had the pleasure of working with the people over at Urban Land Acquisitions. I have closed many deals with ULA, and I must say that these are some of the easiest deals I have ever done. They are always on top of the transaction, and keep excellent communication plus they really know how to work with REO properties. I have worked with many other agents over the years and, at times, it became an overwhelming task to try and train these new agents. But it was the complete opposite with the people over at Urban Land Acquisitions; they were able to get the asset closed without any headache & very quickly. I would highly recommend working with ULA in your business transaction. They are very professional and experienced which make for a great combination! Thank you,

Bruce M.

During a recent real estate transaction concerning a bank owned property, Urban Land Acquisitions performed as they promised! This company demonstrated professionalism, timeliness, and diligence in getting all of the information and documents put together. The property had structural issues, nevertheless they were willing to take on the challenge when other so called investors weren't. ULA promised to closed quickly on the transaction, and they delivered on that promise! I will never forget where we had to close the deal; in the Children's section of the Aurora Public Library! Bank owned properties can be difficult, but ULA made it easy and fun. The next time that I'm looking for a quick, easy, and clean sale then I'll be contacting Urban Land Acquisitions!

Benjamin K.

Working with Brandis & Brandon at Urban Land Acquisitions was wonderful! Our transaction with him went smooth & most importantly he was honest in his dealings.

Diane & Michael K.

Dealing with the probate process after the death of our loved one was not easy. And when it came time to sell the property, we knew that we needed a buyer that would buy the home in its AS-IS condition because the house needed work, and we did not have the available money to make the necessary repairs. Because the probate judge ordered the home sold, we needed to close quickly, we needed a all cash buyer. We were approached by the "Ugly House" guys, but did not feel comfortable with their contracts, lack of transparency, and strong arm tactics; not to mention they made an immediate offer on the house without even doing any research, just eye balled the house and gave a low offer, this seemed a tad strange. After deciding not to do business with them we met up with Brandis Meeks. Brandis approached us with the honest intent on helping us through the sales process. He researched the location and condition of the house and gave us a fair offer for it in its AS-IS condition. We felt comfortable with the Colorado State Approved contract he presented, and he set us up with a knowledgeable Title Company Rep who knew the probate process. Needless to say we closed quickly as promised. And after closing, Brandis worked with us on being able to come back to the house to claim items that we still wanted, family heirlooms and memorabilia We recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house quickly and for cash! Thank You Brandis and Urban Land Acquisitions... Diane K. Michael K.

Marilyn W.

I had the best experience selling my house. Brandis came, looked at it and I closed by the end of the month. I got the price I wanted and the team at Urban Land Acquisitions was very professional and courteous through the whole process. Very pleased to have chosen this company!