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Frequently Asked Questions

1How does your company work?
First, we establish a price to purchase your property. Second, we go under contract to purchase your property. Third, we do our due diligence to ensure your property will allow our scope of work. Fourth, we close. There are many situations where a lease back is requested from the seller and we are more than willing to accommodate with those requests in most cases.
2Do I need to worry about additional commissions or fees?
No. There are no additional fee’s whatsoever and we are not real estate brokers so there are no commissions. The only responsibility of the seller is to pay their own title fee’s and property taxes until the day of closing.
3If I were to lease the property back, what is the typical time allowed?
Typically, we like to rent the property back to the homeowner for no more than 3-6 months. This allows time for the city to go through their process.

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